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When Good Authors Go Bad

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Online behavior CAN and DOES harm an author’s career. Deliberately making fun of a fellow author’s work-no matter how poorly written you think it is-isn’t funny to the publisher of that work. It isn’t cute. It isn’t entertaining. It’s a train wreck that could potentially derail the basher’s career. Publishers talk amongst themselves and what one knows, you can bet the others are gonna hear about. 
Recently there has been a rash of authors bashing other authors on some of the blog sites. Insults are being thrown with particularly venomous glee. If the one being verbally abused isn’t a member of the inner circle of bloggers on that site, then he or she is fair game. Anything and everything can and will be said that could conceivably cause the target damage. Other blog members join in with malicious comments in order to get their two cents worth in. An attack is made, blood is drawn, and then they engage in a feeding frenzy that boggles the mind. They think it’s funny. 
In truth, it isn’t. 
It isn’t the unpublished authors that cause the most damage in situations like that. It is the published authors-primarily print published but there are more than a few e-published authors who engage in this childish behavior-who are doing the most harm. 
To the casual observer, it might seem as though it is a reader starting the melee but a closer look will alert an industry professional that such is not the case.  Most of the questions being asked are beyond the scope of an average reader. The typical reader knows next to nothing about the ins and outs of publishing…nor do they care to know. Only an author would be privy to the information and only an author would bring up a question regarding contract specifications, company policies, editing procedures, etc. Only an author on a ‘closed’ publisher’s loop would have access to things that author can cut and paste to someone’s blog-thereby revealing information that was not meant for public consumption. Only an author would keep the ball rolling by adding more and more comments to that blog under the guise of ‘anonymous’.  Like a mean child poking a stick at a nest buzzing with wasps, sooner or later, someone is going to get stung. Normally, it is someone who isn’t a regular part of that blogging clique. Sooner or later, some ‘well-meaning’ person will alert the author that his/her career is being trashed, and that’s when the real fun begins for the bashers. 
Far be it for the person being attacked to try to defend himself. That only stirs the bloodied waters to froth as authors and ‘anonymous commenters’ jump into the fray with lethal glee-like jackals on a fallen ibex. No matter what the victim says, it is either downplayed or disregarded and only serves to further fuel the attack. The author being lambasted has absolutely no chance of defending himself. Minds were made up long before the author ever tried to protect himself from the mud being flung at him. 
Mob mentality seems to be the only explanation for such conduct. They do and say whatever comes into their minds, and if it is at the expense of someone they don’t like, all the better. Their motto is if an author writes a book and puts it out there, he or she is fair game. 
On a couple of the blogs in question, readers say they don’t like it when authors bash other authors. They point to authors who feel the need to tear down their fellow authors’ works as being jealous and say they are unlikely to buy that author’s work. 
As one published author indicated, participation in such events is unprofessional. Publishers will eventually get wind of it, and it may impact careers in ways that aren’t so funny. Do you want to take that risk? Bashing fellow authors is even worse than bashing publishers you feel have stung you. Sooner or later, though, it will get back to the wrong person and quite possibly the basher will pay for those few hours of ‘entertainment’. 
The bottom line is this: be very careful what you say because your words may come back to haunt you. Be careful whom you insult because the next time around, it could be you standing in the bull’s eye.

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A native of Sarasota, Florida, Charlee was adopted at birth and grew up in Colquitt and Albany, Georgia. She says of her heritage: "I was born in Florida and raised in Georgia so that makes me an official Sunshine Cracker!" She has also lived in Alabama, South Carolina, New York, Illinois, Nebraska and now lives in Iowa where she enjoys the changing of the seasons.
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