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Newsletters As Promo

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I love receiving newsletters from authors.  Invariably I learn something I didn’t know and the best ones combine information with promotion for an unbeatable combination.
Properly constructed newsletters will showcase your “platform” or author brand—the indefinable “something” that characterizes your writing and your personality as unique.  The artwork you use, font style, masthead and color scheme, articles and interviews should all reflect your individuality and voice.
If you write dark paranormals, your newsletter’s style should reflect that ambiance.  Women’s fiction, ditto.  Do you write historical romances?  If so, include articles on history for the time period of your stories.  Or about the language, dress, and cultural issues that affect your characters.  The same would be true of science fiction—there are any number of new inventions and discoveries that would increase your reader’s level of understanding and enhance your credibility.  Do you write contemporary romance?  There is a plethora of articles that could be written about the state of romantic relationships in today’s society.  Who doesn’t want to know how to navigate those sometimes rough waters?  Don’t forget to include articles about writing craft!  Most writers want to hone their technique and usually like insight on how to construct books and make them engaging.
Ask other authors to write an article for your newsletter.  It’s a great way to promote them, generate a positive response, and perhaps a little reciprocity.  If the author is fairly well known, it generates curiosity, which is an instant draw to your website.
Another way to generate interest is to have giveaways or drawings for books: include your newest release as well as useful promotional items, like pens, bookmarks, etc.  This can be tied into a writing puzzle, game, or contest. Check out HomeBizWomen for tips on how to run your own contests.  Another thing to include is links to other sites that readers or other authors might find helpful.  Inspirational quotes can be a lift to many a sagging spirit and excellent filler for those small spaces that will inevitably appear.  Don’t forget to add a link to your own website or blog!
If all this sounds complicated or daunting, it doesn’t have to be.  Build it as you go.  As ideas strike you, write them down.  Keep a template open on your computer so you can add to it as needed and before the inspiration or time slips away.
One huge caveat:  Be aware of your own time constraints and institute a regular schedule–and stick to it.  Once you establish a readership, your fans will want to hear from you on a regular basis.  Keep them up to date on what you are writing, where you are blogging, and how your next work in progress is moving ahead.  This is a terrific motivational tool as well.  If you start strong and fade away, you risk losing your potential readers’ interest in what you do.
Today’s reader is busy and inundated with choices on how to spend their time–you cannot count on them to remember to check in at your website or to take an active role in contacting you for this information.  A newsletter can be an effective way to reach out to readers and writers alike.  A way to welcome, inform, and attract positive notice to you and to your writing career.  Happy Writing!

I love hearing from you! Leave a comment and let me know about your newsletter successes, or even about your newsletter failures. We learn from those too. And don't forget to enter our contest to win a complete book promo package at http://www.castelane.com/contest-promo-package-s/2041.htm

By day, Ginger is a stockbroker.  By night, the author Ann Duran.  Haunted most of her life by the need to connect with other realms, Ginger looked to writing as a creative outlet. As a child she grew up engrossed in the classics, with her favorite authors being Louisa May Alcott, Alexandre Dumas, and Mark Twain. Currently, she is writing her third paranormal romance novel, Waking the Dead and has two books, Phoenix Rising and Raven’s Nest, published on Amazon, B & N, and Smashwords. In addition, she writes sports articles published by Press Box, a Baltimore, MD, sports newspaper and Pop Flies, the magazine of the St. Louis Browns Fan Club.  Ginger resides in Las Vegas.

Raven's Nest, by Ann Duran. Pirates, shapeshifters and travel through time…how much more complicated can love get? Eric Morgan, a time traveler and shapeshifter living nearly 300 years in the future, will find out when he travels to 1718 Camden Maine to rescue Celeste Beckett from the clutches of ruthless Blackheart the Pirate.
When Eric receives the call from Celeste’s father, begging him to save his beloved daughter, Eric can’t resist going back in time to save the one woman he has always loved.  Little does he know his trip will bring him face to face with an old nemesis and a new dangerous one.  Eric’s actions cause a cascade of events that will tear one family apart and force another to test the bonds of forgiveness and love.

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  1. I enjoy author newsletters too, especially the ones that show some of the author's personal life.