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Twittering, Blogging and Facebook—OMG!

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Originally published by 1st Turning Point

I recently attended PodCampAZ 2009, an “unconference” to discuss relevant social media. This two-day event pounded out the same message over and over: for any person, business-or author-to thrive in today’s market, three things are needful.
1. Facebook

2. Twitter

3. An active Blog

(And a website (of course—such a basic component—it was assumed.)
To begin with, every author should have a Facebook page in their author name and should actively friend people in their desired reader demographic. Don’t worry about a Fan page until Facebook won’t let you have any more friends. The fans who find you first will be thrilled to be your friend as opposed to being your fan. That one degree closer inspires loyalty! Have a professional photograph taken and use it on your profile. This is your career, so treat it that way. Be professional.
Twitter. Yes, I know. Could anything be more annoying than constant Tweets about breakfast food decisions or the long line at the bank? But you, as a successful author, will use Twitter differently. You will use it to drive people to your active blog. At 140 characters per Tweet, it’s the perfect tease. And it’s easy to use.
Just like Twitter, Blogging can be misunderstood. A good blog serves a greater purpose; it offers something of value to the world. What is your passion? Blog about that! My current blog series is based on a workshop I lead called, “A Primer for New & Unpublished Authors.” I write about the things I didn’t know about publishing when I began this crazy journey three and a half years ago. Helpful? Yes, if the comments I receive are to be believed. And being a successful and cogent blogger can lead to speaking engagements and workshop invitations.
Of course, rants and revelations are allowed, but I recommend a ratio of six or eight informational posts to every one personal post. This really isn’t about you; it’s about your credibility. And posting regularly is crucial! Set a schedule-such as every Monday and Thursday-and stick to it. Pre-write your posts so they are clean and ready to go. Make them short and to the point; three short posts are better than one rambling one. Don’t bore anyone! You want them to buy your books, remember?
Once you have all this in place, go to this little gem: With this free site, you type your update once, and it sends your post to all your media links at one time.
Now, your Website. If you haven’t already done so, buy your author name as a domain immediately. Then find a host, spring for their design software, and make it look good. Design it to match your blog (and vice versa) and your business cards. Be consistent. That’s part of your “brand” recognition.
The minimum components that every author’s website should include:
  1. An “About Me” page: Do show some personality in the midst of your credentials, but save the cutie stuff for Facebook. This is about your books, not your cat. Remember: this is where potential editors/agents as well as fans will look and you want them see that you’re serious about your writing.
  2. Contact Information: Prominently post your author email address for starters! And post links to your Blog, Facebook & Twitter pages.
  3. Your professional photo.
  4. Samples of your work: Perhaps post your first chapter(s)?
  5. Press page and cover quotes when you get them.
  6. Buying information: Direct links to your books on Amazon, B&N, etc.
Communicating through technology is crucial to your success as an author in this rapidly shifting market. Don’t be afraid of it. It’s much harder to screw up than you might think.
And that’s it. This should get you started. Questions? You know where to find me:
Kris Tualla, a dynamic award-winning and internationally published author of historical romance and suspense, writes with a fast-paced and succinct style. Her plots are full of twists, passion, and very satisfying outcomes! Kris started in 2006 with nothing but a nugget of a character in mind, and has created a dynasty with The Hansen Series and its spin-off, The Discreet Gentleman Series. Norway is the new Scotland!
Kris is an active member of Romance Writers of America, the Historical Novel Society, and Sisters in Crime. She is an enthusiastic speaker and teacher, and created Arizona Dreamin' - Arizona's first romance-reader event: - and it's author-focused companion:
"In the Historical Romance genre, there have been countless kilted warrior stories told. Well, I say it's time for a new breed of heroes! Come along with me and find out why: Norway IS the new Scotland!"

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