Monday, September 29, 2014

Create Killer eBuzz

Copyright © 2013 Amber Scott
Originally published by 1st Turning Point, 2010
Visibility: We humans are pre-dominantly visual creatures. Around 67% of information retention into long term memory relies on visual images. Think of the grocery store line, the bookstore kiosks, the line-up on’s home page. These are purchased by the publisher. The good news is there is plenty of other property online.
  • Great cover art is crucial: Your first step in snagging attention is eye appeal. Make sure the quality is equal to any A-list author’s. Viewers will pick up on it right away if it isn’t.
  • Virtual property: Friendster, MySpace, Google Buzz, Red Room, a blog, Facebook, GoDaddy, Tagged, Manic Readers, Amazon, etc. Start joining and claiming your author name on these sites. Get your domain name under your author name and take it wherever you can go. Use your book cover as your profile picture. That picture will be there any time someone travels to your page, every time you comment, tweet, etc.
  • Blog Comments: Be the commenter you want to see in your blog. Commit to commenting on X number of blogs a week. Use your name and url. Folks will click to see who you are.
  • Book Review Sites: Get your book to any reader who will consider taking it. The more the better. If you get a review, no matter how big or small, you get visibility.
  • Free reads: Nothing moves faster than a freebie. Online, free reads are the new library system. Put your best work out there and earn the next read as a purchase because they love your freebie! Expand the freebies: Podcast your chapters (, create a free serial novel, youtube a character webcast (“Popular Lauren”).
  • Book Videos: Do it yourself at a site like One True Media or hire a reputable company like Blazing Trailers or Goddess Fish Promotions to create a killer preview of your book, your free read and put it up on YouTube. While there’s no correlative statistics available to track sales, you have your name and book in front of a huge viewing audience. Invaluable.
  • Guest spots: There is a plethora of guest blog spot opportunities. Romance Junkies, The Book Binge, Long and Short Romance, the list goes on and on. These smaller sites want content. They want author interviews. They aren’t staffed to court authors but love having guests. This is an excellent way to network and build your tribe.
Credibility: Once we humans see what we like, we then need to verify others like it, too. This need for peer approval has served us well since the dawn of time. We see a succulent berry on a bush. We want to eat it. But it could be poison? So we look to Zog and Ug. Did they eat the berry? Did they live to tell about it? Did they like the berry?
  • Contest Wins: Readers trust contest wins. With good reason! A writing contest win means your book is the best of the best. The cream of the crop. Enter your work in contests. Even a final will take you far in reader/buyer confidence. Even no win could earn you a new fan. Create a yearly contest entry fee budget and get out there.
  • Author/Cover Quotes: Endorsement from a peer, potentially an author the reader already is familiar with, is the next best way to earn buyer confidence. It demonstrates a fellow author will vouch for this author. A little, “Hey, you can blame me.” Author quotes not only create buyer confidence, it name builds for both authors. A win win!
  • Reviews: Online reviewer blogs are becoming the new beach front grocery store line property. No review site is too small and the ones who love you will push your career farther than any big name review site.
  • Backlist: The more books you have on your backlist the more serious you will appear about your career. Rome wasn’t built in a day and an author’s career takes years to patiently build. Pages first!

Tribe Building: An author cannot-does not-build a career on their own. But if they can build a tribe, a group of fans who love their work, that tribe will build the career. In truth, getting out there as much as possible is not just to create the buyer confidence of familiarity and esteem. It is getting out there, hoping one of those readers will become your reader, your fan. Your Twi-hard. Your groupie. Your member of the Alien Collective that will shout your name to the rooftops and pimp your book on every corner, because they love it and you so much. When you earn a tribe member, treat them well. Keep your tribe happy by giving them amazing books they love and extras exclusive to them and they will pay you back a hundred fold.
**And remember, you are not in this alone. We are all in this together. There is no finite number chairs at the big table, just the number of appetites. So stay hungry!

Amber Scott runs. Her feet hit earth while her heart chases fire. Her worlds are made of magick, redemption, attraction and transformation. While she has wanted to be an author her entire life, her dream finally came true seven years ago. Through life's twists and turns, her fiction and fans carry her forward. She makes her home in Arizona with her amazing children, where each day she gets to live her own inspiring love story. Someday she hopes to share it.

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