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Article Writing Tips

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Article writing tips can help you compose informational pieces that will attract a greater degree of publicity. You can make money writing articles. These short pieces require tight, descriptive sentence structure. Articles may cover full descriptions of items or topics, but it is done in brief format, with fewer words due to tight sentence structure.
Whatever it is you wish to promote or sell, a well-written description or synopsis will spark the interest of those looking for such information. They will come to your Web site to learn more about that which you offer.
Perhaps you do not have something to promote or sell. Maybe you just want to publicize your thoughts about an item or occurrence. Your slant on the topic must still be interesting and informative in order to hold your reader’s attention and belief.If all you wish to do is submit articles to various publications and make money writing, the article writing tips are the same. Each piece of prose should be factual and polished to the best of your ability.
Articles consist of more information than announcements; yet, as referral pieces, do not cover the entire subject thoroughly. The idea is to catch and keep the interest of the reader so that they seek out your Web site to learn more. Or, perhaps they will purchase your book for in-depth information.
All your articles can be accumulated into an anthology or book form. Remember, though, that in book form, writings should be more informative.A brief article published here and there will advertise the book that is expected to be the ultimate accumulation of facts.

For example, you are a tinker who knows how to fix just about anything. You write instructional articles about one item or another. You find you’ve written a book full of these short pieces. My suggestion in this case is to submit a few of these to various Web sites and/or publishers who request such information.
Applying good article writing tips, and once accepted and published, you will be able to refer readers to your completed book of more descriptive articles – provided it is published, of course.
Actually, any article in that book can be a “leader” and published elsewhere, to gain the reading public’s desire to ultimately purchase your book.

What follows are article writing tips to help you improve your writing. We all hope to make money writing.

1. Know the topic about which you wish to write. Be sure you are not including two or more topics in one.
  • Example: You want to write about the goodness of apples, how they grow and the nutrients they contain. You think you’ll also include information about how to core an apple or other fruit. Don’t!Coring an apple is another topic about apples that you may include when composing an article about coring other fruit. Unless you write about the entire history of apples—which would be a long article—focus on one aspect only. Save the rest for…. another article!
2. Once you have your topic firmly in mind, create a TITLE that offers a benefit to the reader. Your title will be what stimulates the viewer to keep reading.
  • If you’re writing about apples and their nutrients that could be the title: Apples and Their Nutrients. Or Nutrients found in Apples. However, better still Nutritious Apples. Make your title short as you dare, but make it say what the article is about.
3. If you know anything about how the search engines find you on the Net, then you know that you must have keywords that the search engines use to find anything. Use those keywords when introducing your article.
  • Apples and their Nutrients are better for you than you know.
  • Nutrients in Apples are some of the best health aids of all time.
  • Nutritious apples help you maintain better health.
4. In the first sentence of your article, you could ask the readers a question to get them thinking about how the article relates to them personally.
  • When was the last time you ate an apple a day for a week? This would imply they should eat an apple a day, and we all know that slogan, and we know it is a very wise one. But your article won’t be on eating an apple a day. It’ll be on the nutrition a person will receive from eating them, maybe once a day, and you should reiterate the purpose of the article in the first paragraph.
5. In the body of the piece, break up blocks of paragraphs by including highlighted facts and benefits.
  • Include brief sub-paragraphed analogies and metaphors.
6. Make each paragraph short as possible, no more than 2-4 sentences. 
  • Online reading can be hard on the eyes. A lot of “white space” between paragraphs and with indented margins is not only easy on the eyes but also much easier to follow.
  • Brief paragraphs are also faster to read.
7. Keep yourself out of the article. If included, remove or change each time you use “I.”
  • Keep the focus of the benefit on your reader. If you must reword sentences removing “I” to replace with “you” then do it. Reword any of those incorrect uses.
8. Most of all, do not lecture.
  • You may be the world’s top expert on the nutrition of apples. But if you lecture instead of engaging your reader, you lose their attention and they will not read to the end of the article.
9. List the benefits of including apples in the daily diet.
  • Make a bulleted list with the most important benefit at the top and work down.You can also list benefits found in apples that are hard to find in other fruits.
  • And don't forget; let the reader know the nutrition and benefits they are missing by not eating apples.
10. The last paragraph of the article is short to wrap up the points made. Include those key words again in sentences.
  • Include a sentence to remind the reader of the benefit of eating apples.
11. The usual format by publishers when articles are accepted is to provide a block at the end for links.
  • Use this space to refer readers to your Web site for more information.You can also provide a link to your book sales if that is the purpose of the article.

These article writing tips apply when writing about any topic.
New anthologies pop up frequently that call for articles. Those books deal with specific topics. The articles need to have a lasting shelf life. Books, hopefully, stay with us a while, some for years on our shelves.
However, when you submit articles to be published on the Internet, information may go stale quickly as the times change. A demand for fresh information on the Net always exists. If all you wish to accomplish is to write for the Net, and you think you can make money writing articles, then begin to make a list of topics about which you know enough information.
Then apply these article writing tips and do not stop until you’ve written all those articles. That is, stop once in a while to submit them here and there….
With interesting topics and great sentence structure, you just may make money writing. These article writing tips should help.
Mary Deal  is an award-winning author of six suspense/thrillers, a short story collection, and three volumes of writers’ references. She is a Pushcart Prize nominee, former Associate and Contributing Editor of a magazine and a newspaper columnist. She is also an artist and photographer. A native of California’s Sacramento River Delta, she has lived in England and the Caribbean and now resides in Hawaii. Her websites:

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