Monday, August 4, 2014

eBay is Like a Condom

by Rowena Cherry - Space Snark (TM)

Copyright © 2011 Rowena Cherry, Originally Published by 1st Turning Point

There are a few good reasons why you should get it on, and many reasons why you probably won’t, because precautionary activity is unappealing, a nuisance, gets in the way of the fun, is often a waste of time, and something we resent having to do it.
So, why should you add two or more eBay accounts to your long list of URLS, user names, custom passwords, dedicated email accounts, and more?
Protection, protection, protection.
Your rights—your copyrights—cannot be protected if you cannot be found.
In the days before I was a Verified Rights Owner (VeRO), I reported a suspicious sale of a friend’s e-books. Did eBay contact her (the copyright owner), as their policy suggests they do, when there was a question about whether or not an auction violates their rules?
No. They contacted a used bookseller in the UK!
The legitimate used bookseller in the UK was the closest that the system came to finding an eBay member/user who was a verified owner of some form of that author’s title.
Check this out.
FAQs (For the benefit of potential Torfeasors and Thieves)
Quoting eBay:
“To understand whether your item is allowed on eBay or to find out what to do if your item has been removed as a result of the VeRO program, please read our frequently asked questions below.
  1. Is my item allowed on eBay?
  2. Why did eBay end my listing early?
  3. Why was my listing removed because of VeRO?
  4. Can eBay verify my item?
  5. I want to contact a Rights Owner. What should I do?
  6. Why didn’t eBay contact me before removing my listing?
  7. Why are there other listings like mine that have not been removed?
  8. I bought this item on eBay. Why was it not ended then?
  9. Can I re-list my item without the Rights Owner’s permission?
This link will get you to the page with all those questions, even if each one does not function as a link on this article.
eBay has a computerized system to try to prevent copyright infringement, but it is rubbish. If a would-be seller uses a certain keyword, they will be flagged. If they use a synonym, they may fly under eBay’s robo-radar.
As you see from FAQ #4, sellers are expected to check the VeRO pages to make sure that they are allowed to sell an e-book version of your work. I doubt that they do, but perhaps it should be possible for honest sellers to find you.
Here’s who honest eBayers and eBay supervisors can find.
Aircraft Technical Publishers

Associated Press, The

Audible, Inc.

Avalon Digital Press

BTE Global Financial Group (Wizard Enterprises)

Bloomberg L.P.

Rowena Cherry

Rachel Caine

The Cobra-Ferrari Wars 1963-1965

Martin Cooper

Cucumber Media Pte Ltd

Cutting Edge Publishing Inc.

Dark Horse Comics, Inc.

Dollymania: The Online Dolly Parton Newsmagazine

Entertainment Publications

Guthy-Renker Corporation

Harry Harrison

Hobby House Press

Home Power, Inc.

DerbyCityAuctions, LLC

Liz Armano

Marco’s eShop

Opportunity Publications

Pen Press Publishing

Playboy Enterprises International, Inc.

Practically Darling Designs

Riverside Publishing Company, The

Satellite Savings Guide

Scheel Publishing, LLC

Sensation Press

Summertown Sun Publishing, LLC

Tam Communications, Inc.

Warner’s Blue Ribbon Books on Swarovski

Yvonne Hedley
Rowena Cherry, Rachel Caine, Martin Cooper, Harry Harrison, Liz Armano, Dolly Parton, Playboy.
Wouldn’t you like to be in such rarified company? There must be a promo and marketing angle.

Award winning author and talk show host, and outspoken copyrights advocate, Rowena Cherry has played chess with a Grand Master and former President of the World Chess Federation (hence the chess-pun titles of her alien romances).
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