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Listmanias (and other lists) For Increased Visibility

Copyright © 2013 Rowena Cherry
Originally Published by 1st Turning Point, 2010

I firmly believe that one of the most powerful ways to promote yourself is to promote your rivals. It’s really not counter intuitive. It doesn’t matter if your rivals don’t reciprocate (and many won’t).
For one thing, it’s a lot more classy to join an Amazon Discussion, say about SFR (science-fiction romance), and offer genuine recommendations of other authors in the genre than it is to post “Me… Me… I’ve written one. You should buy my book!!!!”
No. Recommend a rival. Your author name and tagline will be visible if you are a member of Author Central. You really don’t need to do more on the discussion board. Besides, if you are smart, and paid attention to my Tagging tips (previous article), your name, face, and cover will already be in the sidebar of the community.
But there is more you can do, because Listmanias show up on the Community pages, too.
A Listmania puts your book in company with other books, so when an Amazon user searches for their favorite titles or genres or topics, they will see yours, too.
A guy who wrote a book containing snake wrangling scenes asked my advice on doing a Listmania. Here’s what I told him:
“Create at least two Listmanias (each with your own book as part of the list, but not necessarily at #1 if your book is only there because you authored the list).
One should be “How I Learned To Handle My Snake.” Be sure to write an intro about how seriously you take your snake handling scenes in your novel. The other books in the list should be reference books that you used or might have used.
You give it 15 tags targeted at hunters, trackers, cowboy/western lovers, murder/mystery writers, poisoners … so your list appears in other communities.
Your second Listmania is your book and similar books (or other works of fiction with snake scenes). ”Greatest Snake Scenes.” You generously mention your top rivals (they are most tagged so have the biggest following) and manage to find something gracious and accurate to say about each book. (Read the Look Inside pages plus publisher’s blurb, or contact the authors and ask them for a quote you can use.)
Again, add tags designed to catch the attention of the appropriate communities. Most likely, if the other snake-book authors haven’t thought of it, your Listmania (with your cover first) will show up on all the snake pages as the only Listmania on the subject.”
Here’s the 1st Turning Point Author Columnists Listmania that I created.
Please take a look and give it a “Yes” (helpful) vote in the right sidebar. The more popular (or helpful) a list appears to be, the more often it is shown when someone searches.
If you are a columnist and would like to be included and if you have a book in Kindle or on Amazon that will turn up when I click “add a product,” please let me know in a comment here on 1st Turning Point, and I will add it to the Listmania.
If your book is not sold on Amazon/Kindle, it cannot be added to an Amazon Listmania.
Also, please visit some of the Amazon communities to which you belong, and see if this Listmania is showing up. With “Listmania” on your radar, poke around on Amazon, and see how often and in how many pages you can find them. You might be surprised. If your book is on my list, my list might even show up on your book page. That would mean that my list with your book on it, is also on every other page of every other book on my list.

Award winning author and talk show host, and outspoken copyrights advocate, Rowena Cherry has played chess with a Grand Master and former President of the World Chess Federation (hence the chess-pun titles of her alien romances).
She has spent folly filled summers in a Spanish castle; dined on a sheikh's yacht with royalty; been serenaded (on a birthday) by a rockstar and an English nobleman; ridden in a pace car at the 1993 Indy 500; received the gold level of the Duke of Edinburgh's Award; and generally lived on the edge of the sort of life that inspires her romances about high-living alien gods. Find out more about Rowena at the following:


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