Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The 6 Best Apps for Writers & Authors

apps for writers and authors
For the modern writer, lingering for hours on end in a secluded café or on a park bench, with pen and paper in hand, is a romantic idea. More than likely, writers of today’s generation live a multi-tasking lifestyle and severely depend upon technology to keep their notes, thoughts and ideas straight. And now that tablets and smartphones have become an all-in-one communication and information-storing tool, a wide variety of writing applications have become available for authors who prefer the efficiency of the digital writing process over writing everything by hand. Neither method will produce better results than the other; it’s purely based on personal preference. 

But for those who rely on their digital instruments to write, here is our list of the top 6 apps for writers and authors:

  1. EvernoteThis app has been a favorite for, not only writers, but the general population as well. It is the mother of all note taking and organizing apps, and there’s nothing quite like it to this day. But for writers, it opens up an all-inclusive opportunity to store all of their ideas in one setting. It allows you to sync all of your notes, to-dos and lists to every device you have. The major plus with Evernote is the ability to save web clips, files, snapshots and images – even text inside images. 
  2. Dragon DictationYou can’t control when inspiration strikes. You could be driving, running errands, rushing to a meeting or simply have your hands tied at the time. It could happen at any moment, and you’ll usually need a quick reaction in order not to lose your thought. Dragon dictation is the perfect app for writers with busy lifestyles who are constantly on-the-go. It’s a fairly effortless voice recognition app that allows you to jot your thoughts down without typing on a keyboard. Transcribe your moments of genius from dictation to text through e-mail or SMS with this useful app.
  3. Index CardInstead of using whatever scraps of paper you can find to write your thoughts down, use the Index Card app to log and organize your notes. With a visually appealing corkboard interface, it’s easy to distinguish numerous separate writing projects from one another. Outline or column mode is available as well, if you find that a simpler interface is more beneficial for you. Its color label function makes this app a great tool for writers because it gives them the ability to keep track of multiple characters and scenes. Simply touch and drag a specific card to reorganize your notes in a more logical order, and export your work in a variety of formats. 
  4. Poet’s PadIt isn’t unfair to say that a poet requires a different type of writing and thought process. As lyrical writers, poets may need different functions in an app from their screenwriting or novel writing counterparts. Poet’s Pad is not only a note taker but an idea generator as well. It can produce emotive words, phrases and rhymes depending on the mood or tone you enter. With a built-in dictionary, rhyming dictionary and thesaurus, it is a writing powerhouse for poetry. Create, edit or reorganize stanzas by keyboard or voice, and instantly export your ideas or finished poems as a text document or audio file through e-mail. 
  5. BonzoiMeet the future of publishing in the Bonzoi app. If not the app itself, the idea and purpose of the app have arguably taken some of the most innovative steps in digital publishing today. Bonzoi provides writers with a digitally interactive writing experience. No matter what type of work it is – novel, script, comic, textbook, etc. – it allows users to share their project in real-time for multiple authors to connect and collaborate on the same project. Customize and instantly publish your work in e-book format, and start advertising campaigns to get effectively market your finished product. Just imagine the possibilities and doors this app opens for amateur writers. 
  6. Scrivener - Designed for writers of all kinds, Scrivener is a powerful word processor that allows you to organize ideas, outlines, research and drafts all in one place. Scrivener binders let you have all your information at your fingertips. The unique split-screen option is perfect for transcription and research. Keep characters, places and POV's all organized with tags. When a draft is complete, simply export it as a Word document or rtf file for interaction with editors and readers. Scrivener even compiles and exports in popular eBook formats!

A bonus app we would like to recommend for any writer, both professional and amateur, is a dictionary/thesaurus app. Don’t forget the basics!

Tell us your favorite writing app in the comments below! 


  1. Thanks for these, Kim. I'm saving them because I really need to get organized. Will check them out.

    1. Beverly, if you check out Scrivener, take the time to do the tutorial. It's not difficult, but very helpful. It's such a powerful program.

  2. Replies
    1. You know I do! I don't know how I got anything done without Scrivener.

  3. I tweeted your post, Kim. I use a tablet but prefer my laptop for traveling while writing. Even so so many folk have told me to get Scrivener for my computers and handhelds I might give in! Scrivener for formatting stories for Kindle works well, apparently too.

  4. Geoff, I used Scrivener to format both my self-published books to Kindle. It was very easy and they look great. You can add front material, links at the end to other books and sites. Really terrific.

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