Wednesday, April 9, 2014

5 Reasons You Need a Video to Promote Your Book

video book trailer
Writing a book is no easy task; it may take years and years to hone it down to the masterpiece you want it to be. But once you’ve finished, you would expect that writing the book would be the hardest part. Little do authors realize that promoting their work is just as hard, if not harder, to do – especially for authors who do not have the funds or backings from a major publishing company. In most cases, you’ll have to find creative ways to get the word out, and one way is through video marketing. Here are 5 reasons why a video trailer is a productive way to promote your book:

  1. Ability to go viral – With the ever-present use of tablets and smart phones as a constant information source, people absorb and digest visual information more readily than textual material. Thus, they are more likely to share video links to their social network – and the same for those who receive those links. A video book trailer is an amazing marketing opportunity for authors without a substantial public presence.
  2. Higher rank in Google’s search engine – Not only do people seem to relate better to visual information but so does Google. As an owner and partner of YouTube, Google ranks videos higher than text in its search algorithm. That’s why you’ll often see videos at the very top of your search findings. Combined with your stellar work and an engaging video trailer, your video has a better chance of making Google’s top list than any piece of written marketing content.
  3. Not yet pervasive in the author/writer realm – Although videos are widely popular, multimedia advertising is not necessarily a favorite in the writers’ world but have recently started to hop on the digital train. While publishing companies may be utilizing video trailers as a marketing method, most self-publishers are not. Making a quick 45-90 second visual promo of your book will give you an edge over others who are still lagging behind.
  4. Branding – Video representations of you and your book have the power to distinguish you against other authors. Through the use of images, music and themes, a video trailer advertises the essence of your book while revealing your personality as an author simultaneously.
  5. Cost-effective self-promotion – It’s a common lesson that it takes spending money to make money. The idea that authors instantly start reaping monetary benefits from their books is a typical misconception. It’s generally very pricey to promote your book, whether you are involved with a publishing company or not. For boutique or independent publishers, a video trailer is the most promising marketing method while remaining fairly inexpensive. 

For example, Castelane’s most popular book trailer packages (featured below) range from $200-$500, which is an economical choice considering that this multimedia technique has the ability to reach a significant portion of the public audience.

  • Book Trailer Snap - $200
    • 45-60 second spot
    • Combination of still-images, music, sound effects & animated titles
    • Additional options include: voice-over narration from one of our voice actors

  • Book Trailer Snap Plus - $275
    • 45-60 second spot
    • Combination of still-images, music, sound effects & animated titles
    • Live video clips
    • Script and revisions
    • Additional options include: voice-over narration

  • Book Trailer Touchstone - $500
    • 90-120 second spot
    • Combination of still-images, music, sound effects & animated titles/backgrounds
    • Live video
    • Script and revisions
    • Additional options include: professional voice-over narration
    • Movie-trailer effect

Give your written masterpiece the chance to receive the attention it deserves, and use a video to effectively promote your work. At Castelane, we offer all-in-one publishing and design services, so call or e-mail us for more information. 

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