Thursday, February 13, 2014

Book Video Trailers for Book Promotion

book trailers
Trying to promote your book, but can’t seem to find any traction with more traditional methods? Book trailers are one of the newest and coolest ways to create a little buzz for your book or novel. These short videos for book promotion act as mini “book commercials,” helping you to spread the word about your new book to tons of new fans, while creating a brand for you and your book.

At Castelane, we offer a few different types of book trailers so you can choose the best option for you and your budget.

Our most popular option is the Book Trailer Snap. It’s a 45-60 second spot that uses quality royalty-free images to convey the main themes of the book, in order to stir up some excitement and potential readers. At only $200, it’s one of the most affordable ways to publicize your book.

If you’re looking to take your book trailer production up a notch, the Snap Plus is the way to go. It’s still a 45-60 second spot, but this option includes live action video to create even more of an emotional connection with your audience.

For a longer video, the Book Trailer Touchstone is a perfect choice. It keeps the same still images and live action video format as Snap Plus, but offers 90-120 seconds of video so you can keep your audience’s attention for even longer. At only $500, this longer video is still incredibly affordable as you market your book.

Some books lend themselves better to animation than live action video, and that’s why we offer Simply Animation, a 60-90 second spot with still images and animation, and Animation Reigns, a 90-120 second video that goes a little more in-depth with full animation. These options allow you to bring your book to life through animation.

Each of the above choices has the option to add on a voice over for $200 extra. When you choose to use a voice over, we find a talented voice actor in our pool of professionals who will be perfect for your book. This is a great option because hearing can convey so much more information than reading alone. In fact, with the narrator, your video can convey twice as much information! Narration in these videos also gives the viewer a chance to make more of an emotional connection with your story.

Finally, if you’re looking for the very best in book trailers, look no further than our Book Trailer Narrator option. This option gives you the best of the best: a five-minute video, voice narration from one of our talented actors, images, video, sound effects and animated titles and backgrounds. With the Narrator option, you can bring an excerpt of your book to life, or you can take viewers through an entire series or anthology of your books. The possibilities are endless!

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