Thursday, February 20, 2014

New Facebook Author App: Feedback Anyone?

Facebook is finally starting to catch up with authors who use the site to promote books. Similar to their Social Store, the new Author App easily lets authors add their books to a fan page. 
On my page,, you can see the snazzy red button that invites you to “Read My Book.” Clicking on that brings you to my new author store. Here you can see short bio about moi, along with a listing of my books, which is linked to Amazon. 
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There are also links to your website, to sign up for a newsletter, and a list of current signings. Pretty snazzy. I was able to set up my Author App in less than five minutes. Here’s the link to get yours.
Since this is a new app, I’m curious to get feedback from other authors. Was this app easy for you? Have you received any new likes since adding it? Do you have any concerns about the app?
I do. My main concern is that if Facebook links to Amazon, does it get an affiliate fee if our books sell through this app? I have an affiliate account with Amazon for my websites. I make about 4% on any book sold through the link. Every author knows that 4% is nothing to sneeze at. I would assume that if the Author app takes off, Facebook will get many sales through it. Their affiliate rate could go up to 6% or more. Shouldn’t they be more transparent about this income? 

Feel free to post your thoughts on this new app below.

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